good to start?

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I have to start with the the editing. My camcodrer is th Canon Legria HFS 100.

I will start with a good software and not change more. Is it Edius a good choice?

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It is in my opinion. Capable, versitile, and veeery affordable. You can snag up photoshop, after effects and plugins as needed. Should you outgrow Edius later on, you'll know exactly what your needs are at that time and upgrade accordingly.

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Good advice. I'll add to make sure the system you get meets the requirements Edius says will allow you to work with with no problems. Compression codec's like AVCHD take a lot of computing power and you want to make sure your computer has it.

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Edius Neo 2 "Booster" is arguably the best option for editing AVCHD on the PC - and absolutely my first choice. It handles native AVCHD amazingly well. With Neo 2 "Booster" you can edit AVCHD natively even with a low end quad. I've been using it with an AMD Phenom 9850, editing NX5U and HMC40 footage quite smoothly without even transcoding to Canopus HQ.