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      Greetings forum members! I’m shopping around for a decent storyboard program that will assist in making graphic storyboards. I’m terrible at sketching free-hand, so I’m hoping to find software that will help build the graphic scenes. I’ve checked out several, but some are text based, most are limited in graphic support, and none seem to have what I’m looking for. Anyone out there have experience with, or knowledge of a good story-board program with graphics support? Or even a work-around, like a graphic program with populated scenes that can be assembled to make storyboards. Any suggestions are welcome.

      Many thanks!


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      If you haven’t seen this thread, it’s got some great suggestions:

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       Thanks jigme.  I did spot that in my earlier efforts.  The 3×5 cards still require me to draw, and I did test out Celtix, but found it more text oriented.  I like the idea of SketchUp, which is more along the lines of what I’m looking for, but as the guy points out it’s a heavy investment in time building 3D models from scratch.  I tried Anime Studio as well, since it is a cartooning program.  Had some positives, but not enough stock images to work with.  I’m willing to invest some money in it, but just haven’t found the one that scratches my itch.  Thanks again!


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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Hello Max

      Going back to the suggestions I made on the post mentioned by Jigme, I can honestly say that using Sketchup as your storyboard program is a great investment (especially on the budget). A storyboard made with Sketchup is quite simply the best way to explain your team members exactly what you have in mind and best of all, you can play around with camera angles before going to the field (you can even show the pre made animation to your team members). The Pro version has something called “Advance Camera Tools” (I don’t have pro so haven’t try it) which lets you play around even with focal length. With the free version you can still get a good idea about camera positions by using scenes. Another great thing about using Sketchup is the thousands of free 3D models found in the 3D Warehouse. Basically you will not need to model props because you can download many of them. The only thing is creating the whole set according to specifications and decorating it with props you downloaded form the warehouse. This is the part that takes some time, but in the end you will have such a clear idea of what you want to accomplish that you will know exactly what to do in the actual set. Give it a try, is free and very useful.

    • #205788 is a great website for people who can't draw and want to be creative.  It has ample ready made graphics for dragging and dropping into a storyboard.  It is also free and web based so simple to get started. (disclaimer – I am the author)

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      As a professional Film maker I found Frameforge Previz Studio is a great way to organize your shots and figure out what types of shots you want to shoot. I like to plan out my shots, in other words I don't wing it. I sit down and come up with a shot list for my projects, then I work out the shots using this software. When I storyboard a scene, the main thing I think about is how many shots I am going to have and what they going to look like compositionally.Frameforge Previz Studio has been great for this. I print them out and show to the DP so we are on the same page, and he can map out his work knowing what the setups are going to be. Also, I think this is really great software for directors , film producers, writers of any skill level,  it makes you think about your shot list, and lets you have a way to work with the shots before you go on the set. I highly recommend it.

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