Good Starter "pro" camera

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Is there an older model (and cheaper ;-) camera that is considered "the standard" or daddy of them all that most people learned on, that now doesn't have to have great video quality (relatively) but will be a great learning camera for me?
Maybe GL? XL? VX1000, DVX 100, DVC30...?

I mean one that will get me ready for Pro cameras - like the XH A1, etc.

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Well, it really depends on who you talk to.

A lot of event videographers got their starts on the Canon XL-1 or the Sony VX2000. For many serious film makers, it was the Panasonic AG-DVX100 that was their first machine. The "jack of all trades" types, who wanted to dabble in everything, Often gound themselves in the Canon GL-1, or sometimes the XL-1. It really depends on what you're interested in. All of the cameras I listed are "oldies, but goodies" which though dated can still produce exceptional quality footage.