Good pro/prosumer HD camcoder for distance?

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      Hello Everyone,

      I’m looking for apro/prosumer HD camera to film indoors/outdoor lectures and public events. I always usedfrom 2 to 3 cam to record religious lectures/events (1-speaker, 2-speaker/audience, 3-comp projector) I have3 Sony VX2000 for SD recording and 2 Sony HDR-FX1 for HD/wide recording.My output is to mainly DVD and sometine youtube/web.Sometime in a large auditorium or conference room, I was not able to place the camera close to the speaker and had trouble of capturing the speaker face closed up.

      I need a new cam which allow me to record in HD from a distance(100 ft +). Sony brand is preferable because all of my existing camcoders and accessories are Sony. Any advice or suggestion ofprosumer or pro HD camcorder with interchangable lense is greatly appreciated. My budget max is under 10K.



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      Check out the Sony Z5U, it has a 20X lens and from 100ft should give you a nice tight shot.

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      Thank you very much. This is exactly what I need.


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      Ifyou want to stay with Sony thenew HDR-AX2000 (AVCH), HDR-FX1000, and the HDR-FX7 all have 20x zoom lenses.

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