Good Lavalier/Lapel Mic?

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      I’m a videographer, and have been doing a lot of interviews as of late. To this end I’m looking to pick up a good lavalier mic. It can be wired, or wireless but must eventually change into a XLR (to fit with my Canon XH-A1). I’m looking to spend between $150-$250 (less the better, but without too much of a sacrifice in quality).

      Do you guys have any specific suggestions?


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      The XLR input shouldn’t be a problem. Moreso finding a wireless unit that is small enough to mount on your camera. I don’t have experience with your camera, so hopefully someone else will chime in.

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      There are wireless lav systems that have big base stations that are not meant to be carried around like these:
      They will need a power supply.

      Then there are the lav systems that have little base stations that you would mount to your camcorder so you can move everything easily, like this:

      And – as you indicated, you could go wired, too… But the good lavs are a bit higher than you want to spend. Personally, I’d try to stay with Sennheiser or Shure for these.

      If you are willing to go wired, that tells me you’ll be relatively close to the subject – any particular reason a good shotgun is not something you’d look at?

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      A note in case you were to go the Sennheiser lav mic route, a mic I use and can therefore recommend for its exceptional sound quality, one gripe I had (and it may well apply to other lav mics) is that the tiny mic head (grille/mesh cover) came off too easily. A tiny (TINY) spot of glue on each side of the top of the actual mic was enough to secure it to the head properly, but without it I only had to knock it slightly and off it came.

      Nothing major but worth noting if you buy one as I can imagine it will be easy to lose. You’d need eyes like a sewer rat to find it if it fell off…

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      also has a 1/8 inch (3.5mm) mic-in jack – just under the external mic holder on the handle – so the mic base station (or wired mic) does not *have* to be XLR.

      I was fortunate to have rescued (from a business voice conferencing/speakerphone system) a Polycom VHF wireless mic system with a small 9-volt battery-powered base station plugged into the "AUX" (right) input of my BeachTek DXA-6 which plugs into my Sony HDR-HC1… and it works great. I also have a Shure UHF wireless system (with an extra cable so the body pack can be used with a Lav or a 1/4" instrument plug) with the big base station and needs XLR and external power – honestly, it is pretty tough to tell the difference between which mic is being used when their audio levels are set up correctly to begin with.

      Other than Sennheiser and Sony, I am not aware of good, small, base station systems. I think Nady makes one… but I’m not a Nady fan.

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