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      In the forums we get lots of questions on how to do something from shooting to post work. Often videos depicting the process of doing said thing are posted to help illustrate answers. It is not uncommon though that many of those training videos lack key elements which make a DIY video both informative and interesting.

      • Multiple views including; close-ups and angle changes
      • Adequate lighting on subject
      • Text to back up spoken points

      Though there are no spoken words in the DIY video “How to Create Super Macro Lens” by Lozzless, there was a good deal of thought and effort put into this. Though far from perfect, it’s a pretty good example of how to put together elements for your training videos. Note: I by no means endorse the methods used in the video for modifying a camera lens, just the way the video was put together.

      How to create SuperMacro lens (??? ??????? ?????????? ????????) from lozzless on Vimeo.

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