Good Camcorders For Publishing Internet Video

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      I am new to this video creation process and am looking for some advice.

      I want to create video for my web site that I can distribute on the internet. I plan on using Brightcove for video distribution.

      I tried looking for information on camcorders on what would be the best type of camcorder to purchase with this goal in mide, but I got lost very quickly trying to sore through all the info.

      Can anyone here offer some tips/advice on some of the better choices for creating video which is going to be distributed primarily on the internet? Maybe a good web site to visit that can offer some tips?

      As I am entry level with this stuff, I’m willing to spend a few bucks to create a good product, but don’t think I am willing to spend super top dollar for equipment and I have very little experience with this type of work.

      Thanks in advance for any help!

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