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      Hello all. I have my own website which features video of Motocross and dirtbiking. Currently I have been using a Sony TRV-460 digital 8 camcorder. I want to upgrade to a higher quality camcorder but would like your opinions on which would be a suitable camera for fast moving action and sometimes quick pans. I had considered going HD, but it would be overkill I believe. I am partial to Sony products as I’ve always have been pleased with my products from them, but I will consider other brands. input please. thank you.

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      Well, a lot of folks here feel fondly about Sony’s VX-2100. It’s not to spendy (as opposed to a $20,000 studio camera), and has great picture.

      What’s your price range? What do you ned in a picture? I’m assuming you want something that can catch fast-motion events, being sports and all.

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      Thanks, I hadn’t looked too much at the VX-2100. I haven’t researched different models yet so I’m somewhat ignorant of the specific features as of writing this, but I do know what I don’t like about the TRV-460.
      1: Manual focus along with other important manual functions are accomplished via the touch screen (not good)
      2: Non optical image stabilization destroys pans (jerky jittery and heavily pixelated)
      3: No external mic jack.
      4: Tripod shoe needs to be removed to change tapes.
      those are the four main frustrations I have and would like to upgrade.

      My budget will be $2000-$2500 so I don’t really expect nor do I need a professional grade camera for that price range, but I would like to maximize bang for the buck.

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      It sounds like the VX2100 is probably the camera for you. On top of that, it’s in your price range.

      If you want to try it, the Canon GL-2 is a little cheaper, but it’s not as good in low light. Personally, if all your filming is going to be outside or well lit, the GL-2 would be the way to go.

      Either way, just be sure you buy from a reputable dealer, such as B&H. A lot of folks out ther will try to cheat you by stripping the camera’s components and offering a better price.

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      Whatever camcorder you choose make sure it has a slow shutter option.
      Slow shutter speeds are important when shooting sports action.

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      😯 Hank,

      "SHOW" must have meant fast shutter speed. If you filmed a football game using a slow shutter, it would be so blurry that your eyes would start waterering.


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