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      I have a Canon DSLR that I’m using for video but was thinking of getting a 2nd camera incase I have a helper. I was wondering If I could use a basic cheap 1080p camera $200-$300 point and shoot and just edit properly in Adobe Premiere. I’ve been wondering for a while if a cheap hd camera could get not neccesarily pro results but atleast prosumer style results with proper editing


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      Seems to me a GoPro would be a GREAT backup camera for POV and lockdown or second operator unit. The quality is quite good. In fact, Jay Michael Long, a VM forums member, recently purchased one and used it this weekend for just that purpose at a wedding production. He seems to be pleased with the results. He may pipe in here as well. I have an associate who ONLY uses the GoPro and is pleased with the performance in spite of its limitations. I’m planning on acquiring two and eventually four for my event and outdoor production stuff, and it it does as well as Jay Michael indicates, indoor as well for extra POV and backup.

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