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      There have been a number of products coming out lately that deal with the number 1 issue concerning Flash Media in the field. Yeah, solid-state cards are great since you don’t have to digitize the footage but when they fill up you have to take time to download them or buy a buttload of cards which can get expensive.

      Videographer Paul Joy’s video review of Nexto’s latest answer to this problem answered a lot of my questions about the rig and as I move further into a solid-state workflow, I see this on my list of future purchases.

      NEXTO DI NVS2500 Video Review from Paul Joy on Vimeo.

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      Another handy (and cheaper!) backup device is the Sanho HyperDrive Colorspace UDMA. They come in capacities of 120GB to 640GB (the 640 you have to buy from the Hyperstore). Neat thing is it does much of what the Nexto does and has a feature so you can write scripts on the controller which is good for telling the unit how to separate your RAW files from everything else. The drawback is it doesn’t have the extended range of card interfaces as the Nexto and you can only backup about 250GB’s per battery charge.

      On the otherhand, if you’re not working with RED, P2 or SxS anyway that won’t be an issue. Take a look:

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