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      I ran across this article by Michell Kanashkevich discussing 5 common mistakes made by first-time Photographers documenting their travels. Having done a fair bit of traveling around ‘The Rock’ as both a Still and Video Shooter, I fully agree with Mitchell’s observations (having run afoul of a couple of them myself) and feel the info applies to shooting video at a higher degree. The prep work required for video is much greater than photography. In spite of the ‘YouTube’ mindset of ‘just shoot it’, when you’re taking the time to travel and investing in gear to record your journey the diff between ‘Tube’ video and ‘great’ video will depend on the extra time and steps you took to prepare. Check it out.

      5 Common Mistakes Aspiring Travel Shooters Make

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      composite 1, Thanks for posting this useful advice


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      Glad you find this stuff useful. Anything to make the job easier and more likely to succeed is fine by me.

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      Grinner Hester

      Kind of a basic “don’t forget your camera” article. πŸ˜‰

      That all seems like common sense to me. Maybe I trake a lot for granted after travelling and shooting for so long. Ya do have to be rollin’ to catch it though. While our job is to always make it look the best it possibly can, that can only be done if it exists on tape. Most of what today’s travelling shooter is shooting is life. You simply have to be at the right place at the right time to catch that if wanting it to be authentic. His skipping the most important thing is kind of weird for such an article… hone your insticts on where the action is about to happen.

      Yes, do know what you are shooting and, utilize the light around you or create it but I think we all already knew this.

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      Yea old head shooters should have a grip on this already. However, stuff that’s been hammered down into yours and my DNA from experience get passed over frequently by the newb’s. Though you are right about the ‘right place right time thing’, most of my best ‘real world’ stuff I got ’cause I specifically went looking for it. Also, that guy was talking mainly as a still weenie so the extra stuff we have to do as vidiots probably never occurs to him. It’s still good info though.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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