Golf Video up on a big screen in 10 minutes

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      This last summer we took 2 camcorders and my laptop to the golf course. We learned a lot and now can do an even better job in the same amount of time. The initial problem with our playback was that we showed each short clip then that 3 to 15 second clip in slow motion. The 15 secvideos were just too long and the audience lost interest. A quick fix to the program and now just the last 3 seconds (the swing) of video is played back in slow motion. Having 2 camcorders the videos needed to be synched. I’m writing a quickie program to merge the catalog file. One other feature added was the ability to play back the videos by 4some. As each group comes to the teeshoot a short short video of less than 2 seconds. This creates a break record when doing the catalog function. I can use the new merge option to insert a large font slowed print of each players name(have list day before)justpriortothe video play. A future option will be to allow for video from camcorder #1 to play on large screen #1 and Video from camcorder #2 in time with each other.

      So within 10 to 12 minutes after leaving the course the golfers are seeing the random playback of the round they just finished. A large font displays the player name. The view from behind plays at normal speed then the last 3 seconds play in slow motion. Then the side view camcorder video plays. followed by the last 3 seconds (the swing) in slow motion. Then the next player in that foursome.

      Once that is playing. The DVD copies can start to be burned. For a fee.

      They loved the videos at both events. That was the part we missed videoing. Theyreally enjoyedthe show.

      Anyway there is a thread about “Digital Video Showdown” where everybody gets called out on the sad state of Digital Video. Come on over if you dare.

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      You put on the Golf tournament so why not provide the video promotional opportunities. How great is that..

      SAMPLE of the Rotary Golf video demonstration at Osoyoos June 2010 (180 short video clips)

      The DVD version is much Better. Higher resolution, Instant switching between mini clips and the last 3 seconds (the Swing) in Super Slow Motion..

      This year we will have camcorders at 3 or more holes for even better coverage. The pros will be jealous. With 6 camcorders there will be 600+ video clips, that amount will still easily fit on a DVD.

      The SPECIAL playback software recognizes a short-short video(2 secs or less) as a break record. So within 15 minutes of leaving the course, the Big Clubhouse screens will be up and playing random-by-foursome (by hole). Nobody can do this faster or easier.

      Have the sponsor contribute a Mpg video or 2 to pitch for their latest and greatest NEW product!! These DVD’s will be keepers for all the participants…

      P.S. they loved the playback

      What a cool screen saver, video of your friends at some of your favourite golf holes.

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      Some features are easier than others to add. NOWWe canstart the video playback 3 seconds before the jump / trick switching to slo-mo on the fly then on completion; back to full speed. The skateboard tricks looked good that way.

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