Go Pro vs. Replay XD1080 vs. Other Options

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      I am interested in the Go Pro series of cameras after seeing another post in this forum. I also sawthe XD1080 Replay camera mentioned in the new issue of Videomaker, and although it’s new and I know nothing about it, at 3 ounces it looks pretty interesting, too. Anyone have experience with either of these who can comment on:

      1. what codec do they record files with?

      2. can i edit them natively with premiere pro?

      3. do they have the tripod mounting hole on the bottom? i suspect the replay does not.

      4. (important) can i turn off all beeps and sounds eminating from the camera? (i shoot a lot around wildlife and beeps are a no-no)

      any other thoughts? i’ll be strapping them to four wheelers, tractors, guns, bows, crossbows, animals, helmets, hoods of cars, sides of boats… pretty much anything i want to strap cameras to. if you can suggest other cameras for this sort of application, i’m all ears.


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      You can really do a lot of customizing with the go pros including turning off beeps… should go check out htier site…I can’t speak for the other system…

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      Thanks, Don! It appears the Replay just vibrates to tell you it’s on or off–no beeps. But from what I can tell the picture quality isn’t quite as good as the Go Pro. Still looking though. I will check out Go Pro’s site now.

      What codec do they record in? Is it Motion JPG or AVCHD or something different (if you know)?

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      The Go Pro website was very helpful. It’s H.264 codec so no problemo with Premiere Pro. Plus, it’s only 3.3 oz., so not much heavier than the Replay. So far, so good!

      Big question is mounting–does the Go Pro havea tripod mounting hole on the bottom?

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      no it does not, there is an inexpensive tripod mount adaptor available though. I have one, works great…

      also, you can invert the video in the camera, so you can mount the camera upside down! Don’t laugh but I’ve actually mounted my go pro upside down on a rechargable 12 volt flashlight for run and gun video shooting in low light…!

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      I wrote an upcoming article dealing with sports cameras. I like the GoPros however, have you given any thought to a Point-n-Shoot? Now before anyone flips out, I’ve been using a Canon SD1400IS for a year now as a crashcam to back up my Pro JVC rig. Not only does it have a zoom so I can do wide and tight shots, it has a surprising amount of exposure controls and even color profiles like a ‘flat’ setting which works well when I want to color-grade in post. Mine is 720p which I like but the latest gen is 1080p and I believe has 60p for slowmo. Above all else, it’s got a pretty durable body (dropped it once, minimal scratch) and unlike the GoPro, I can view the scene before shooting and review the shot after on location. Cost half the price of the GP and it mounts on standard Photo and video mounts. Only drawback if I want a waterproof housing I have to buy one separate and it costs more than the camera. Except for that, I can mount it to nearly anything and not sweat whether it gets wrecked. Unless it gets run over by something significantly heavy, odds are good my SDHC card will survive. Something to think about anyway.

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      that’s an interesting suggestion. thanks for that. i’ll give it a look-see. what codec? (can you edit native in Premiere Pro?)

      also, can you turn the sound off?

      thanks again!

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      It’s AVCHD MPEG 4 (MOV) with this model. However, with others I’ve seen AVI versions. Yes. Long as you have the codecs in your NLE and a setup that can push it. No, however with a separate recorder you can use it as reference sound for sync audio. Here’s a couple of good choices;

      Canon Powershot 100 HS

      Canon Powershot 300 HS

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