Go Pro to Rebel graduate – need some help

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      I’m a Canadian Outdoors writer/ publisher graduating to video. I shot a short fishing video with my GOPro and got hooked so to speak. I purchased a Canon T41 and although the video quality is amazing the file sizes is huge. I use Adobe Premier Elements as an editor. Does anyone know of a fast way to cut out footage I don’t want before importing the clip to Elements. There is a utility on the camera that tells me I can erase before and after video from a certain point but it actually doesn’t seem to work so every clip I have to import is 4 GB of which I need 10 seconds of.

      1) Should I be shooting in 1980 x 1280 for web quality or reduce the resolution?

      2)Also, does anyone know how to reduce the noise of the stepper while recording? The constant auto focus noise is loader than my voice.

      3) Should I use the canon utility to import or just take it from the SD Card and edit from there?

      Any help would be appreciated.

      This is going to be a learning curve for me but it is a lot of fun. Here is my first GoPro attempt.

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