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      Unsure if this is where to post this but I am looking to pick up a Glidetrack Shooter for my sister’s wedding in August.

      I have a GIOTTO’S MH5001 3-way Pan Head with Quick release and am
      wondering if it will attach well for the Glidetrack. Getting the
      Glidetrack is going to be costly enough on my budget so I don’t want to
      have to purchase yet another camera/tripod head that is pricey.

      You can see more info on the GIOTTOS here:
      1) GIOTTO’S-Professional Photographic Equipment
      2) Click Products
      3) Click (MH 5000~6010) ProFluid 3-way Heads

      Also seen here:

      Alisatar over at Glidetrack thinks it will be fine but mentions the lower counterweight might not clear the glidetrack carriage. Anybody have any experience with this?

      If this won’t work I am open to suggestions for cheap alternatives (in
      the $50-80 range) to mount the camera onto the Glidetrack.

      Also, if this isn’t where to post this a heads up in the right direction would be much appreciated. :p

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      Do youi need a glidecam, if you can use a truck/dolly for your video needs you can find very affordable links on vimio and youtube that can be made around your budget. This is a good tutorial to make your own amde this and it works great.

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