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      Complete GlideCam V-8 stablizer system – vest, arm & stabilizer. Used a few times, now collecting dust on my living room end table. I am not physically able to run about harnessed to this system for any length of time and want to sell, repurposing the funds toward my move into high definition acqusition and editing for 2009.

      Make me an offer and lets see if it works. Originally cost more than $3K.

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      Hi EarlC

      Just want to thank you again for all your help. I have a question on this rig.

      I have been drooling over them as some of what I want to shoot will really benefit from one. I have never saw one up close or touched one but have seen many online. I was interested in yours as I see your down to 1k for it. I was going to add it to my wish list near the top with hopes of some freed up funds soon but I read your reason for letting it go.

      You said you are too old and do not have the strength to use it. Well I am over 50 so without insulting you I think we may be close in age. I too have lost much of that brawn you have as a younger lad. But would this rig not help that? I was thinking it could also be used when doing longer handheld shooting where you want to be fluid (no tripod) but with a 6lb camera that will get real heavy real quick. I thought this rig could help with that as well as doing moving shots.

      Could you explain that to me. As I said I have never used or touched one so I may be asking a stupid question. But as my mentor always said, there is never a stupid question….unless I am asking it.

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      Those were MY thoughts as well, and to a GREAT degree it did exactly that – I covered a number of public EVENTS – Easter Sunrise, Memorial Day, parades, etc. with it and it was awesome in the undertaking and results department.

      Most of these systems, while also relieving the stress specifically on the shoulder, arm and wrist, and giving GREAT support and stability, are or can be tough on the lower, even upper back – so people with back problems aren’t going to be happy with using them for more than creative spurts of 10 minutes or so, standing, even sitting on site, running and gunning with one for an entire event is extremely taxing – we simply aren’t made to be human tripods 🙂 and the additional weight load, over time, is telling.

      I am 60, and in Aug. 05 got the pleasure of experiencing totally unexpected open heart surgery. Thought I was having a bit of asthma or something. I dropped from 185 to 130 in six weeks just before, during and after my surgery. Never gained the same degree of body, or muscle mass, following – even almost four years later. I was super stout and strong up until that event, now I am simply too “old” and no longer have the strength. 🙂

      Someone who works out, who is in GREAT or even good condition, who has no back problems, or bad shoulders, etc. could work miracles and learn that these systems are not the be all, end all to smooth and professional “awe inspiring” production footage – simply another effective tool in the arsenal of acqusition, and impressive to watch in action – that too may be a deterrent to use in some venues. I suppose. I think the footage gained, time used, should be taken from a minimalist approach, rather than a marathon shoot. Like slow motion, special effects and other creative stuff, etc. a little (physically and creatively) with these units can go a LONG way.

      I am being honest here, and your questions are by NO means even close to stupid.

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      Honesty goes along way and many have forgot what that word means. I applaud you and hope you maintain that level of professionalism. We need way more of that today. That being said, sorry to hear of the heart issue. Never a fun thing.

      I fall into the category of someone that should not use it as you describe. I had cervical fusion on C4-C7 some years ago and it left me partially disabled. As stated it is cervical so that would be right where you say much of the strain could be. I know the manufacturer would never mention that.

      Good people normally find what they are looking for and treated with respect. Some may have to wait until their days on this earth are over but they will get their reward. EarlC you are one of the good ones. Keep up the good work.

      Thanks for your help. I have come to rely on it the short time I have been here on this forum. I know you help others equally and I am sure they are appreciative as well.


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