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      I currently own the Sony FX 1000 camera and considering purchasing the Glidecam 2000 or 4000 stabilizing device or just a shoulder mount device. I mostly film kid football games. I’m assuming the Glidecam will allow me run with the camera, but will probably get heavy during the course of a game. Not sure if the shoulder mount will be equally tiring.

      Any advice for the money?

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      i have the glidecam 2000. it gets heavy after like, 10 minutes. You could get that arm brace thing, but i heard you still still get tired after about 20-25 minutes. I’m sure the whole body vest thing will be out of your price range too. So i suggest just getting a sholder mount. Or the Steadycam Merlin, i heard that is much better than the glide cam.

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      Thanks for the advice.

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      I have and have used the GlideCam V8 with my Canon XL1. Like Rob says, it can and does tire you out after awhile. I have the complete system – vest, articulated arm & support, and the stabilizer assembly. I’ve used the system both ways, with the complete vest/arm/stabilizer, and with only the stabilizer. It does GREAT for planned shots, or for a series of nice, smooth floating shots during any kind of event.

      I doubt that “running” along with it, like the SteadiCam guys are seen doing in movies, is going to work out very well.

      I am too old and too puny and too slow to use this system much anymore. I spent about $3K for it back when. It has done me well with static events, when I’ve wanted to get smooth passby shots of the attending crowd, or move up and in on certain elements of the event, or simply sit in a chair and hold it for smooth movements side-to-side.

      I’d hoped it would help me when I purchased it because my shooting arm and shoulder were beginning to hurt a lot after extended shoots. It did, after a fashion, but still fatigued me though it didn’t cause my arm and shoulder to hurt as bad, but it began to bother my back somewhat – I’m simply just NOT strong enough.

      First $800, plus shipping, gets it.

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      We picked up the Glidecam 4000 back in ’03. At the time the ‘tricked-out’ version Earl has was out of our price range. However, we went with the next step down and got the softbody and harness setup for about $200+. It actually worked quite well since we had a heavier pro rigged XL1S, but you had zero ‘wiggle room’ with your camera movements. Panning, up, down and measured movement forward or back were all you could do. The problem was, since it was a soft system unlike the rigid gymbal arm on a steadycam or the advanced Glidecam version the weight of the camera and its stabilization were maintained by the tension of the harness straps. It was tricky and you had to get used to it. It was a good cheap solution, but I would have prefered a rigid arm setup. Sounds like Earl’s offer may be an inexpensive solution.

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