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      I thought I would share this with you all in case youre interested in adding a little extra love in your shooting.

      Somewhere along the line I think a saw a post by someone directing a question towards Endeavor on what he used to get those shots where it looked like the camera was floating around the bride and groom. Naturally I checked that out on his website and I have to say that I was impressed too. Especially on how smooth the camera movement looked. There is no way I could ever do that freehand and make it look that smooth. (Thats why we all use slow-mo during post on those clips right! πŸ˜€ ) Anyway I decided to order one of those Glidecam 2000 units.

      About 4 weeks ago I was using it while helping another guy shoot this all day gymnastics meet. My arm and wrist were trashed after about 2 hours. I couldnt even drink a beer later on. πŸ™ It was too hard on my wrist.

      I then did some more snooping on other forums and I come to find that I wasnt the only one complaining. People were all talking about this forearm support that you can get from Glidecam so I ordered one. (Through B&H)

      OK so last week I just finished an all day high school state qualifier meet for power lifting and I have to tell you that this arm support was the way to go. I had no problem shooting all day and the footage from that event looks really cool. Even when youre walking! If you have it balanced right, you cant even tell youre walking. It takes a little practice but you can be a lot more creative with your camera movements. It almost looks like the shots you get from that suspended cablecam you see during professional football games. I think this will really add a new dimension to my wedding shoots too. The only thing is that if you get one make sure you order the wrist support device too. I guess I wish I had this whole thing a long time ago. It could have really come in handy.

      If there was one soar spot about this, I would have to say its how you have to mount your camera and the balancing process. For that price I would have thought that they could have come up with a better quick release way for mounting your camera.

      I guess Im curiousdo any of you guys use something like this on a regular basis or am I behind the times?


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