GL2 Vs. XL-1

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      Hey guys,

      I’m in a bit of a pickle here, maybe you can help me out. Here’s my situation.

      I can’t decide whether I want to buy a NEW Canon GL2 from Digicombos for 1689.99 or a USED XL-1 (Excellent Plus [+] condition) from One Quality on Ebay for 1625.00.

      I can get an extended warranty on the GL2 with my visa at 6% of the cost for 1 year for up to 4 years total, the XL-1 automatically comes with a 14 day warranty from Quality One. Paypal also offers up to 2,000 in buyers protection.

      I can get an extended warranty on the XL-1 with Square Trade through One Quality on Ebay at 10% for one year (and one year only) because it is a used item.

      I’m leaning toward the GL2, do I have a good hunch?

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      Try BH photo first.


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      I’ve read ALOT pf posts about the GL2 having tape motor/rewind problems. Like happening as soon as the warranty runs out.

      I would call BH – they are really friendly and helpful ( and closed til next week)

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