GL2 or VX2000/2100??

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      Well as usual it all boils down to opinion, but I did the same thing, bought a 2100 and a GL2 and had the complete opposite results. The canon had a much better picture in all my comparisons. the canon has more pixels per ccd. I ran both in low light conditions and the canon held up fantastic. actually the sony gave a blue hue to the videos when run in low light (which sony camera’s are famous for) and the canon has a lot more features, audio features are untouchable. the sony is a good camera but if you’re gonna go the Sony route get the vx2000 the 2100 has almost no updated features. it’s basically a vx2000 thrown into a new darker grey case, and it’s heavy, very heavy. My opinion, get the GL2, or save yourself about 800 dollars and find yourself a vx2000, don’t waste the extra on the 2100

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      I just purchased a gl2 and a vx2100 and did a comparison.
      Although they are both very good cameras for dv i ended up keeping the sony vx2100 and sending the gl2 back. the sony’s
      low light capability colorbalance and sharpness far outshone any of the cannon features.It is perfect for “available light” shoots. Progressive scan is still not perfect for consumer cameras so it seems to be better to get the best picture possible and let the dvd player do it’s work…

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      Origanaly bought the gl2(took it back because malfunction)traded it in for a vx 2000…amazing.

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      I have a vx2000 and love it except……….
      the audio in is NOT all that
      get a camera with XLR jacks right on the camera, I love the XV2000 but I always wish I had a PD150. I would not even think of getting a 2100. I sent my 2000 back to Sony and the tech guy acutally called me up and I said listen to the hiss on the audio tracks, he said what hiss.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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