GL2 Firewire Problems

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      I am brand new to this site so let me introduce myself. My name is Bryan and my wife and I have a video production company we started less than 1 yr ago. anyway we do High School training videos (mass production) weddings, video resumes, etc.
      We just bought the Canon GL2 wonderful looking/working camera in my humble opinion, but the firewire does not register!!! the tapes work, and our firewire work, but i am just confused!!!! Please HELP

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      Oh yes!!
      The OS that i work with is……..
      Apple OSX
      Final Cut Pro
      (i cant think of the rest of stats so hope this helps)

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      Open Final Cut. Click on where it says final cut and go down to easy setup. Check to see it is set up for DV-NTSC and the device control preset is Firewire NTSC.

      One time, I’m still not sure what happened, but my settings were fine and it still wouldn’t recognize the firewire. So I saved all my projects to disc and reinstalled final cut and then everything was fine.

      Hope you get it to work.

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