GL2 and the Steadicam Merlin

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      Hey all,

      Does anyone here run the GL2 with the Steadicam Merlin? On Merlin website, the GL2 is not included in the camera chart and I was wondering if it still could potentially work with the Merlin. If anyone has any first hand experience and would like to share any concerns that would be great.



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      I havea SteadCamJr. This was made before the flip out screens were invented and before the cameras of today that weigh less then 4 lbs. I don’t use the screen on the SCJr but I put batteries in it because it happens to be the right counter balance weight that I need. I can’t use my wide angle lense because it is to heavy for the SCJr. (which bums me out). But I would think that the Merlin would be better designed then the Jr. I’m looking forward to getting one and hopefullyI can use my wide angle. I don’t like that the Merlin doesn’t allow itself to be mountable to a tripod. A feature that I like when it is time to chase the bride out the door.

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