GL-2: How much to repair heads?

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      Okay, I’ve got a GL2 that’s going to need a factory head servicing, and I was wondering how much this is gonna cost me. Anyone ever had this done? I’m probably going to upgrade to HD in the near future, but I’d like to squeeze a little more life out of the ol’ GL-2’s if it’s not insanely expensive to service.


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      Head replacement from the Canon service center in Irvine, California, has cost me $350. I spent $275 once a few years ago to replace the heads and tape path assembly in a GL1 before I sold it and acquired my GL2 – way back when. Being as I continue using my XL1 and GL2 Canons for daily/weekly production (video is my ONLY source of income – well, other than occasional graphics work, writing and the rare business consultant gig) I would get head replacements for as long as the rest of the camera is functioning properly and dependably.

      Being as they will NEVER bring me what they are worth (to me) I will keep them as backups, as I have my old trusty S-Video Panasonic 2-chip AG460 and 3-chip AG3 S-VHS-C. I can use any or all of these as direct feed units (the AG3 is my overhead feed for image transfer directly to hard drive) in controlled shooting gigs. And the MiniDV Canons are worth a LOT more to me than I can sell them for.

      So, even planned purchase of two Panasonic HMC150 SDHC units will not actually put the Canons into retirement or the recycle bin.

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