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      I’ve had my old GL-1 since before the GL-2 came out. It’s the only prosumer camcorder I’ve ever had, and I’ve loved the thing to death. However a few years ago I came to discover that it was out of alignment. I was told by the editors of the tapes I was shooting that they could no longer play my tapes in their decks, whereas I could play them fine in my GL-1. (They had no problem with my tapes originally. This is over a 2 year period.)

      I’m not a professional videographer, and have not had any cameras realigned before. I set my GL-1 aside and simply stopped using it for a while, in favor of a lesser quality 1-chip consumer camera. But I am now ready to get the GL-1 realigned. Before I do, I am concerned about many of the tapes (just home movies) that I shot with it. Those tapes do not play in any camcorder except the GL-1. (What decks will play GL-1 tapes, that are still around??)

      If I realign it, I fear that some of the tapes may no longer be playable. (Some may have been shot while it was out of alignment.) Is this fear justified?

      Recently I have been trying to offload every tape that is playable with my GL-1 into Final Cut Pro, where I can then archive. However, some of the tapes recorded around 2000 are not playing correctly in the GL-1. The effect is mostly in the sound. When I play back the tape, the sound drops out every few seconds. When I capture with iMovie, the effect is that the whole video is captured but with a lot of static coming and going, and iMovie has the annoying habit of sending lots of frames or small groups of frames to the end of the capture event like a spilled jigsaw puzzle, out of sequence. Final Cut Pro’s log & capture simply stops dead in its tracks and says there was a problem with the tape every few seconds.

      Is this sign of the realignment problem?

      I did not have a problem playing back and capturing some tapes I shot in 1999, and no problem with tapes from 2007. But the whole year of 2000 seems to be screwy. That doesn’t make sense.

      I know it’s not attributed to the tape brand. I know I’m not supposed to be mixing tape brands but I didn’t learn that until years later, so the “damage” is done. But it seems the problem isn’t consistent with tape brand. Sony, Canon, Fuji, Panasonic. Some work and some don’t. It’s more consistent with the time period.

      Any ideas?

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