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      My wife’s photography business is doing extremly well. She asked me to be her full time 2nd shooter. My wife was highering freelance photographers to 2nd shoot for her but found there was to much inconsistency. My wife trained me how to shoot so my style is close to her style. I have now started to learn CS2. This is very difficult task. I had my wife write down step by step sheets to learn the process. My wife wants to become a husbund wife team and when she meets with clients she can say with confidence I will be a 2nd shooter. I still will be doing videography from time to time but I had to make a choice and dedicate my time into one field. I perfer video becuase it’s behind the scenes. The photographer has to run the show and be in control of the situation at all times.
      I have a couple more weddings on the books but it’s time to focus on one business and making it succeed. Looks like I have all the equipment to capture all my kids embarrassing moments.
      Thank you to everyone for all the help

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      I gave up on weddings myself and have gotten into shooting commercials and corporate videos. A lot can go wrong at a wedding, and you’ve only got "one take" to get it right. With commercials, you can take as long as you want to get it right (within reason, of course).

      You may want to consider doing commercials and/or corporate videos as this will fill any lulls that you get on the photography side.

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      I’d rather sit at home, clean my camera and eat dog food than shoot weddings. Speilberg could not please the bride-zilla’s. It’s a losing proposition every way you look at it. Nope. Not me.

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