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      I’m making a video for work. We fabricate custom orthoses and prostheses, which we are showing on our video, however, we also want to show that we can fit off-the-shelf items, which we buy from manufacturers.

      Do you know, if we show the items in our film, can we just put something at the end, such as,

      Special thanks to….

      Manufacturer name 1
      Manufacturer name 2

      or should we do something else?

      I don’t want to have to contact all of the companies if I don’t have to, but I will if need be.

      I should also mention that we aren’t taking pictures from them. We have taken our own pictures of the items, but they just aren’t made by us.


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      Unless you’re showing a trademarked symbol or item, you should be fine, you shouldn’t even need that, although if you contact the companies they may be able to provide you with pre-made high-quality images and content that you couldn’t get otherwise.

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