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      I have a sequence of stills that are already placed in the track. How can I easily give them an equal duration after they have already been inserted? The drop down window is grayed out when I have all clips selected at once. Hmmmm, any suggestions? I don’t want to have to do this individually.

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      What NLE are you using?

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      I’m sorry I haven’t responded before this. I ended up doing everything still by still–my head felt like it was going to explode up until yesterday.

      I am really a newbie to PPro. I have taught myself everything by playing around, reading the forums, and reading the manual. Please excuse my ignorance….but what is NLE?

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      Sorry, NLE = Non Linear Editor. It’s the program you use to edit with. πŸ˜‰ Adobe Elements, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Magix Movie Edit Pro, Pinnacle, Windows Movie Maker, these are all NLE’s.


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      I’m sorry. I am using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 I believe that from what I have stumbled across, there is no way to edit the time “globally” across a set of stills to equal out the timing.

      Is there a site that you are aware of, that can help people like me that have absolutely no background knowledge of the terminology of video editing?

      Also, perhaps you can help me out here….I worked on a project last week that had the following layers

      1) music track

      2) photo track of people (about 80)

      3) photo track of picture frames for each photo

      4) title track (name for each photo)

      5) title track with family information for each photo

      I was shocked after 6 hours of rendering that there were 9 hours left to go. Next time, should I add any information (that goes with a picture) through a photo program like photoshop, then import that single picture?

      Thanks for your help!

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