gigabyte to hour of HD footage conversion ratio?

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      I have recently been hired for my first gig to actually make money using my camera. I am going to be recording a series of interviews, roughly 12 hours of footage in total. So what I am curious is how many hours of footage can I shoot onto a 32 gig card at 1920 x 1080 at 24 fps with my canon 550d?

      Any help is so greatly appreciated!

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      The rough calculation gives you about 3 minutes per GB. There are a bunch of variables and I’m sure the more informed here will chime in about that.

      It is also possible you might want to go with 16 GB cards as they are more affordable and you’ll lose less footage if a card is corrupted, compared to losing 32 GB of content if the big one goes south.

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      One thing to keep in mind- it has been recommended that you not ever exceed 90% of a card’s capacity.

      Even though HDD prices are sky high (due to the flooding in Thailand), card prices have stayed stable or have dropped, so it’s a better bet to use more cards than max out fewer.

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      Back when there was basically one major digital format, DV, being used for everything from a little single chip homecamera all the way up toprofessional DVCPRO and DVCAM field cameras it was easy to calculate space. One hour equaled 13gb on your hard drive.

      But today, there are dozens of HD file formats and each one is a little bit different. The Canon 550d uses an H.264 .mov file type.I have a T3i (600d) and used it to shoot a commercial on a single 16gb card. I shot a couple of hours of video total at 720p 60 and had room to spare.

      I also have a Canon Vixia that shoots AVCHD and that same 16gb card has gotten me through weddings plus the reception with ease. But again, I’m comparing oranges to tangerines. The files are similar but not the same.

      I would recommend you set up your camera and hit record for 10 minutes. Figure out how big the file is and do the math.

      Since you’re getting paid for this gig – put some of that money into a handful of 16gb class 10cards. I use Transcend cards purchased off of Amazon and have had no trouble with them. They are extremely affordable.

      Also, come up with a data management plan that includes backup storage. LikeEarlC suggested, don’t put all your proverbial eggs in one basket or you might find yourself with no eggs at all. I always have two copies of my video.

      Finally, do remember the individual file size limitations on the HDSLRs. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of the best soundbite of the day when you hit the 12 minute mark.

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