Ghost Ripple Effect? (FCP)

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      Hey there. I want to shoot a ghost short film. I planned on shooting two scenes with the camcorder in the same position, then overlapping them in FCP. However, I haven’t actually tried this and want to know if it would work. (as in, a ghost walking through a normal person.) Also, I wanted to know how I could replicate the “ripple effect”. You know, like if somone swipes there hand through an apperition, the ghost would sort of get distored and ripple around the spot of contact. The only axample I can think of off hand is that black guy in ABC’s HEROES who can walk through walls. If you know what I’m talking about, that’s what I’d like to replicate.

      Oh, if you have any pointers for for any other ghost-like effects, please post them too! thanks!

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