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      A while back I did a post on ‘Ghetto Lighting’ and showed how using off the shelf pieces, you could get a professional look with little money.

      Well, I ran across this vid from Olivia Esperanza (hottie!) who made me do a headsmack. In ’06 I put together a crew for the local ’48 Hour Film Fest’ competition and one of the shooters had a handy bin on wheels that he stored his light gear in. I always thought it was cool and kept it in mind. Couple of years go by and I’m in a local Hardware chain store and low an behold they have the very same bin for about $50! Needless to say it’s come in handy ever since.

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      Nice to know it will fit a body…buwahahaha… but seriously I had considered one of these and then thought…”man, that is going to be heavy to lift in and out of the back of my vehicle.” They’re great since they wheel, but unless you have a van and a ramp, you are going to have to lift it at some point and if you are a one man band like me…well it could be a bit heavy.

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      Olivia’s small and that’s all I’ll say…. The bin in my experience isn’t that bad. I keep miscellaneous lighting gear and accessories in mine. The worst part is putting it in the back seat of a two-door. Other than that, once you get rolling it’s a mighty fine piece of gear. Long as you pack it well and have some sort of padding in it, they prove to be quite durable. From what I’ve seen, if you could put a gasket on the rim properly it might even be watertight. Needless to say, it’s been worth every cent I paid for it.

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