GH2 as good as 5D Mark ii Video?

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      i do videos, not photo so i’m looking to upgrade my equipment. so far, even with my old small chip hmc70, it has performed really well, SO LONG AS there was a spot light in the event, which many times they did, or outdoors. lately, i’ve been shooting more no light club scenes and so it’s time to upgrade.

      5D can be expensive. so i’m wondering if i settle with a GH2 w/ a strong on camera spot light (long distance and wide angle), will the image be as good as Canon 5D mark ii?

      i know GH1 is hackable and 5D mark iii comes out in a few weeks. but by the time i have enough money to upgrade, hacks may become obsolete or blocked, the later manufacture GH1 may be hack-proof, and in a few weeks, the 5D mark ii users will sell theirs for mark iii’s.

      i like 5D mark ii only for low light. ….but….
      i like GH2 for continuous shooting, swivel LCD, crispness in details, 60fps for smooth speed adjustments, smaller to run with, and potentially hackable. (so i’m hoping to get compensate for lowlight with a strong enough on camera spot light)

      budgetwise, GH2 + strong spotlight will probably cost the same as a 5D mark ii. but the other GH2 features are also important to me. what bother me is the GH2 smaller sensor. is it worth loosing all the other features for better low light? or can i compensate the low light with spot light.

      lens, i’m already looking at the 14-140mm range, or canon 18-200mm or 24-105mm (not too familiar with canon lens yet).
      speaking of lens, know fast lens can really produce well and enhance quality as well. GH2 has a f/.95 lens out.

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      If you only need SD, the Sony VX2100 is still a great low light camera – Only 1 lux required.

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      wow, that’s a great suggestion. but i’m looking at HD. i wonder if there are any other camcorders with such low 1 lux. HMC150 has 3 lux; i was considering this. i’m was surprised even that the sony nex-vg10 is as high as 11lux for a23.4 x 15.6mm Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor.

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