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       Hi, i have recieved some emails of interested clients. The problem is im just starting out and i don’t have any wedding sample footage to show clients. I have quite a bit of experence with filming/camcorders but i can’t get a job since i have any sample footage. I have filmed a baby shower for one client but people want to see wedding samples, so it seams like a waste of time to edit it down to a sample. Any ideas on how to get my foot in the door?

      Thank you

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      It is important to be able to present SOMETHING in line with what potential clients are seeking, as you’ve noted such is the case with people considering you as their wedding video producer. Many who have entered this aspect of commercial event video business, including myself, have had to produce wedding video for friends or relatives, or friends of relatives πŸ˜‰ on the cheap or gratis, with the understanding that the material you acquire can be used for your marketing purposes. I really cannot think of another way to accomplish having production footage you can claim as your own and that reflects what you are able to do to the satisfaction of inquiring potential clients.

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      Making a wedding video as a gift for a close friend or family member is a wonderful thing and can be a labor of love as well as giving you something you can use in a demo reel.

      I don’t usually do weddings but am putting together another gift as I type (sis-in-law – I have several pieces done but need a lot more work). Were I to charge for what I did and plan to do, it would approach five figures. (Fly into NY from FL with all my equipment, spend a day with them for the rehearsal and all day during the event itself – over seven hours of raw footage, five separate videos on DVD, BD and web – trailer (3 mins), love story (5 mins), special song during ceremony (3 mins), highlights (25-30 mins) and full edit (75-90 mins).

      Anybody you know getting married soon?

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      First rule

      You need a business card and at least few project to show to potential customers, also website is a poweful tool to show your work and your capacity to produce something. See Birdcat and Earl experience they start on first level you try to tell to your customer trust me I am the best in the town, may you dream if you find somebody to invest on this scenario.

      Good luck,


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      If you don’t have any friends or relatives getting married soon, you could always ask those potential clients if you could still film their wedding for free so you could start building your demo for future prospective clients. Or perhaps reach out to fellow wedding videographers in your area and see if they’ll let you work with them for free to build your demo. The worse that can happen is they say no, but the best is that they say yes and although you may be doing it free at least you’ll have something to show future potential clients. Just my 2 cents worth.

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      I find closed doors will open with one of three tactics… you have a key, somebody (if not you) opens it, or three you kick it down.

      the whole “Getting your foot in the door” concept relies on on thing… the door is already open!

      Here is what you could try:

      Find somebody that will let you work as a second camera man on thier project.

      Work for somebody that cannot afford a pro, for a discounted price in exchange for you using their stuff for marketing…

      Keep trying until you land that first paying job, show them what work you have, and explain each shot you do have used skills/equipment that will somehow apply to shooting thier wedding…

      eg : “Here is a nature video clip I shot at sunset, as you can see, I have a decent tripod and my camera works well in low light. Imagine a scene like this with you and your new husband walking along the beach with the sunset light”… or “With my gear your first dance, which will also be shot in low light will be steady, clear and capture the warm ambient light…”

      You can be honest and charge accordingly … but the best advice you’re gonna get is this..

      If you don’t have any weddings to show, it means you don’t have enough experience shooting weddings to be charging people. this is the toughest gig with the lowest dollar per hour earning potential with the hardest to please clients possible… and its all unscripted, unpredictable, and IRREPLACEABLE… one chance one shot get it right or die….

      An actual wedding? this is the worst place possible for an inexperienced Wedding Shooter to “get their foot in the door”, unless you’re working for somebody else who knows what they are doing, you’re taking big risks with somebody else’s once in a lifetime memories.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      A dude once asked me “how do I get into making movies?”

      “by making some movies.” I replied.

      There is no door to break down if wanting to shoot weddings. Get yourself in front of brides and show em what you can do for them. Compete with quality, not price. You want to be known as the best in town, not the cheapest.

      Bottom line, whatever your goal may be… ensure you take steps toward that goal each day.

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