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      I’ve been editing family videos for about a year now and I’d really like to start making some money with video editing. Could someone offer advice about start-up costs and marketing for video editing? My biggest concern is that most of the demand is in videography, not just video editing. Should I mainly market my services to videographers?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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      Most videographers do their own editing. If you want to get into the business, you’ll need to be a complete service.

      I offer event recording with single or multiple cameras, specialized wedding services, editing, DVD authoring, CD and DVD duplicating, graphic design for custom menus, DVD covers, that sort of thing, format conversions to put video on the web, tape conversions like Hi8 to VHS, and video prints for creating printed photographs from a video source. I’ve even tried film to video conversions but the projector I have is junk so I don’t offer that.

      Don’t be discouraged! Its taken me a long time to get where I am but I definitely make good money. Don’t feel like you need to run out and re-morgage your house in order to buy everything you need. Start small. When the money comes in, reinvest it. I filmed a dance recital 3 different years and at $20 a copy, every kids parents bought one. I turned my profits into more equipment. Its slow going, but when it starts, it kinda snowballs quickly. My first paid wedding was $100. Now I get $1000 for a one camera and $1500 for a 2 camera.

      As long as your willing and dedicated to the work, and you don’t try to build your business too quickly, you’ll do ok. A reputation for quality is far more valuable than a quick shortcut to the top.

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      Unless you specificly want to do weddings and that kind of stuff I would sudgest taking (at least) a few classes (or even get a degree if you really want this to be your career) at a college or university just to get your technique down and to learn the proper terminology. Then get a internship or a entry level job at a post house or television station so you can learn how things are really done. This is something that I don’t think you can learn in a book or class as i have read many and taken many as well. Only true experience in a real professional company working with other professionals will teach you how things are professionally produced. Once you get enough experience you will have a much better chance at making some real money creating commercials and other programing with your own company. Commercial work is much more profitable (and fun) than weddings or event videography. If you want to do wedding and event videos there is some money in it but not near as much as doing commercial and promo work. Also its fun to come home from work turn on the tv and see your work. Instead of just a few people seeing your work thousands or even millions can.

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