Getting started into video at church- Advice?

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      We’re starting up a video ministry at church. First and foremost, we will be taping services for later distribution to those who couldn’t attend. Target format will be DVD. Next step is video production of Christian film. Currently, we’re not sure what camera to get the best “bang for the buck” but I’m leaning on either the GL2 or the Panasonic DVR30 (?). Having shot video before, I’m a firm believer in a rock solid fluid head tripod so that is a given.

      Advice on camera choice would be greatly appreciated as we don’t want to buy it twice and whatever we get will have to integrate later for live feed on large screen and be sent CC to the nursery and other rooms.

      Opinions from the experts?


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      I agree. The GL2 (what I use) has great color clarity in good lighting but can get a bit grainy in low light. My church has poor lighting too. Try to get at least 2 cams if you can. Way better than 1. What kind of Film are you looking to produce? I have edited a local “Extreme Home Makeover” and will be entirely producing another one in November called “Project Nehemiah” for national distribution. Anywhoo, good to see more people in media creation using their talents for the kingdom of God!

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      I highly recomend the sony FX-1 camcorder. It can shoot in both standard definition as well as high definition. The cost is around $3,600.00. I have an editing system for sale that is ideal for churches. Contact Joel brooks at: 817-771-8347 or e-mail:

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      I agree that churches can be the most poorly lit locations to shoot and I have found that my Panasonic DVX 100A shoots some it’s best footage in low light situations. The color saturation cannot be beat. You want to aim for someone with an untrained eye thinking the video looks beautiful, but they don’t know why. That’s how you’ll know you’ve hit the nail on the head.

      Also, There are many production houses that rent out various procumer cameras for a reasonably day rate. If you are really torn about which one to buy, rent a few and try them out. When you shoot with it and watch the footage in post you’ll know which camera was the right choice for you.

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      We use gl2s at church, what you want sounds just like we have. We are a small church about 50 people a week so we record and put them online. and burn a few dvds for people 2 barrow. We used to use a radio shack a/v transmitter and reciver to send the video the nersery. If you have a church building you can send a s video of rca cable or even through a network. We use 1 gl2 but somtimes we use 2, we allways use a tripod. if you put it online you can reach a lot more people. πŸ˜€ however if you use a gl2 (And most likely any other cameras) do not use the power adapter, it makes this bad noise only use this if you have to the audio still works but its not that great. I hope this helps πŸ™‚

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      we use the canon gl2 and also a canon optura xi but we do have excelent lightingon stage so we have to control the light in the camera so it doesnt get washed out we also have twin big screens and the canons give us good picture quality on the screens as well

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      Another item to consider is how are you going to receive audio. Some churches have a sound room that can provide an audio feed into camera via mic jack. If you don’t use some type of audio feed you will pick up all types of noise from the congregation. I do video for our church webcast and the one thing I don’t like is the quality of video. I use a Panasonic GS35. It does a fair job if I set for low light conditions but could be improved.

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      Like everything in the a/v world, people have varied views on the specific products to purchase. Do alot of research before you buy.

      My church is currently doing a one camera shoot with a feed from the soundboard. We are getting ready to move to muliple cameras, and I am doing alot of research trying to figure out the best way. Unfortunately there isn’t alot of info out there that I have found so far.

      Anyway… for your situation. Think 5 yrs from now. Your church is 3 times the size, still in the same building, and your Pastor decides he wants to broadcast the services live on the internet. Will what you buy today interface into what is needed to do that?

      There are some DVD recorders out there which work really nice. You can then use a DVD duplicator and have up to 10 copies of the DVD with nice customized labels within 20-30 minutes of the end of the sermon. We use this set up and an Epson printer which prints directly to the DVD’s so the final product looks very nice and is customized to the sermon title for the day.

      I would look at a better camera than the GL2. We are looking hard at the XL2. The biggest factor in that decision is where is HD, and do we need it yet? We decided it is in it’s infancy, and we can upgrade once the standard is truly developed. No reason (for us anyway in our specific situation) to buy an HD system (remember the betamax v VCR wars??) at this time.

      Good luck, and hope I helped


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