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      I’m researching the variety of software programs and computer systems and looking for some ideas/recommendations as I’m very new to the field.

      I am getting a Canon XL2 – working on creating:

      Magazine Show for local programming
      Business-related video services
      Short movies

      Mac or PC (version/system type)? Final Cut, Avid, or Vegas?

      Things to consider when getting started? Yes, extremely broad question, but would love to learn from experienced users willing to share.


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      Why didn’t you consider Premiere Pro?

      Anyhow if mac you should get the fastest Powermac G5 with the most ram you can afford. And if you have a mac then defiently use final cut.

      If pc go to and go into the creative/proffesional section their you will find video editing computers. (I would recommend dual xeons) and download trails of all the ones you are considering and see which one YOU like the best.

      And if you have enough experience with computers to build your own I would recommend at least a 3.2Ghz pentium 4 or a AMD Athlon 64 FX proccesor or Dual Xeon processors. Whatever you get try to get at least 1 gigabyte of ram.


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      I’m open to anything. I don’t know enough to exclude Premier Pro – just naming programs that I’ve heard of.


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