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      hey guys im looking at getting a half decent camera to make some movies (mainly sport or motorsport)

      ive played around with camcorders and stuff and i guess im after something a little better quality.

      now the question is do i start out with a hd one?

      I see i can pick up a second hand Canon gl2 for around $1000 but its not hd

      should i save my money and get hd and pay 2 times as much?

      sorry if its such a rookie question just wondering on the picture quality difference?

      any info would be greatly appreciated thanks πŸ™‚

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      HD options from little to lots of bucks abound. The GL2 is a good SD camera that provides for shooting 16×9 or 4:3. As Composite said in another post, good lighting shooting wide – SD will be around for awhile yet so it’s an acceptable option for folks getting into this stuff.

      Me? If I were JUST starting and had ANY kind of budget that includes some type of high definition capable camera I’d move in that direction rather than going SD only equipment. Life is a series of choices and every choice has a consequence – nobody can make choices or take the consequences for you.

      I know YOU know (or should) that, but still it is worth mentioning that whatever responses you or any other person getting into video receive to your questions, the final decision is yours. Yes, there are hundreds of options. Yes, it is confusing. Yes, the decision can be better made based on valid input from others in the trenches, but just as we’re all individuals, our approach to what we want to do in video and the equipment with which we do it is based on a HUGE variety of independent thoughts, professional (or other) needs, and the budgets we have available.

      GL2 is a GREAT camcorder overall and provides wide angle option. If you acquired one for even $1,400 it would prove vastly superior overall to most HD or AVCHD or HDV cameras in the $1K or under price range.

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      thanks for that insight. i know its my own choice just very indecisive (went through the same thing with my dslr)

      ok so i think im going to start off with SD. can always upgrade and a good price point.

      here lies the technical question. I am in australia and the gl2 is labeled the xm2. now getting hold a xm2 seems to be alot harder and more expensive that an gl2. If im just editing on my computer does it matter that it is NTSC? ive tried a bit of reasearch but havent come up with anything conclusive. Or would i need the xm2 because it is PAL? again if i can get this info i will love you guys. thanks πŸ™‚

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      What format will your movies be displayed in? broadcast, DVD, or web?

      I do not think you will have trouble editing with the NTSC but when you convert to your native PAL for DVD or broadcast there might be issues with introduced artifacts with some of the low-end editors. You are now asking your NLE/DVDrendering program to expand the number of vertical lines from 525 to 625 and changing the frame rate for 30 (29.97)fps to 25 fps during this convert. Also NTSC and PAL handle color a little differently. I don’t know that it would make much difference if you were broadcasting on the web.

      Is there some way you could get your hands on some NTSC clips and play with them in your editor before you commit to a camera to see if these artifacts are acceptable?

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