Getting ready to set up a home studio for making videos.

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      So far, purchased a Sony HDR-SR12 HD HDD camcorder, A Velbon 7000 Tripod, Azden WLX-PRO wireless Lapel mic system.

      I’ve got a first class computer – E6600quadCore Intel,4 gigs of low latency ram, 8800 GTX 512MB video card.

      So farhaven’t made any purchases of software or chromakeyitemsyet. — Could sure use some pointers

      I’d appreciate some links to videos, articles or anything that will help me move along with setting up my home studio.

      Principally, my plans are to create video for websites.

      I’ve built a bunch of PHP type sites, but I’ve not done anythingin the way of placing HD quality video on sites.

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      If you’re going to do chromakey, Ultra2 is the best (now from Adobe).

      After Effects is another must have (even though I don’t have it – I will at some point).

      Since you’re looking to go via the web, Sorenson Squeeze is another tool you’ll find invaluable.

      Pick any of the leading NLE’s (Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro if you use a MAC, etc…) – They’re all good – just find the one you like.

      Some good titling software is a must (Bluff Titler for a start, Zaxwerks Pro Animator is really powerful).

      Good royalty free assets (music, sound effects, stock video and photos, clip art, backgrounds, etc….) – Digital Juice is a great resource for all of that and very cost effective.

      This is a start- There’s always more if have the $$$$$$$$$.

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      I appreciate your responses. I’m using a PC, not a mac.

      I have been reading about the AVCHDso I’ve been concerned about loading times, etc.

      My computer is a hotrod… E6600 quad core Pentium, 4 Gigs of Low Latency ram, 8800 GTX 512MB OCVideo card.

      I’m overclocked on the processor to 3.4 ghz. I do have a firewire connection as well, but I don’t think the HDR-SR models have a firewire.

      There isn’t much more I could do computer wise to elimiate bottlenecks and delays withloading and editing.

      You mentioned things I hadn’t thought about, so Iam very pleased to read what you had to say.

      I’m not spent out money wise, but it’s getting close. LOL

      There are quite a large number of people recommend the Sony Vegas so the Premier would be my limit under $150

      I haven’t heard of Ultra 2, but I’ll look into it.

      You mentioned titling, backgrounds,etc., lot’s of addtional items I haven’t given much thought about.

      Thanks again

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