Getting PC to recognize Panasonic PV-GS300

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      I have a Panasonic PV-GS300 camcorder and am trying to get my computer to work with this camera. I was using a old Canon Optura ( the original one that looks like a SLR) and when I plug it into my firewire port away I go. But this Panasonic is being stubborn. When I hook it up through the firewire port or the USB port the computer tells me it isn’t working (nice bright yellow exclamation point in Device Manager). Using the install new device route it tells me it is looking for a file called And then it tell me it can’t be installed. There are no USB drivers on the disc that came with the camera and with XP I shouldn’t need any. I tried the camcorder on my office computer and that worked like a charm. But my home computer is being troublesome. And, yes, I did install DirectX 9.0c (the latest from Microsoft). Also I am running XP Home service pack 2, just like it wants. Has any one here got any ideas? I am pretty computer savy but this one has got me. I tried unplugging my other USB devices before bootup, plugging the the camcorder, leaving it off, start the computer and after fully booted up tried turning it on. Still no go. I thought maybe one of the other devices might be interfering but it doesn’t seem so. Thsi one really has me stymied. Hope someone here can help.

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