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      Ok anyone who has ever done a job for hire knows that some people are just plainThieves.

      Of course they want to see the work before they pay, and then you never hear from them again. I have tried everything from making them come to my studio to see it, where i would play it in the lobby and they have no access to the disk till i got paid, to giving them access to a 1/3 size quick time file on my web site, and in one case i superimposed pay your bill jack ass or you’ll never see it all over the video, that guy was a jerk to start with.

      well now there may be a better way,Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server software.

      This will allow you to make a full screen flash file and give it a expiration date. even if they down load it, it will expire when ever you want it to. there are still ways they can steal it but it would be cheaper to just pay you.

      What do you think?

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      get a deposit up front. 50% min. paid in full on delivery. anybody not willing to leave a deposit, is likely to be a deadbeat client.

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      I always take a 50% deposit, with the rest due at completion. Unfortunately I’ve gotten stiffed once or twice, and waiting for people to pay sucks. Sometimes it isn’t a priority for people to give me my money, which is bogus because it’s how I pay my rent. We entered an agreement, and I upheld my end. Another alternative is collections. Obviously you need to have your contract ironed out to go this route. Personally I hate the idea of having to take someone to collections. You don’t even end up getting all of your money, and I would feel like a jerk.

      A friend suggested creating a proof with a GIANT timecode stamp over the top. Once they review it they’ll give you your money and you deliver the finished product. I have yet to try this, but I’m hoping it will work. Getting stiffed is LAME.

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      This is a tough topic. Generally, you want to get a deposit up front. Most times, you’ll have to put your stipulations into the ‘Work for Hire Agreement’ or ‘Production Contract’. When you start dealing with large companies that either are or attached to corporate entities; unless your company isin a much heavier ‘weight-class’ they are not going to pay deposits. You cut a deal with MTV and see if they’ll pay you a deposit! What you can do in that situation is put into the contract (if you write the contractor ask for it in an addendum)is a ‘Pay as you go clause’. That means, upon completion of each stage of the project you get paid. Now the stipulation is the client must give signed approval of stage completion. Once that is given, you send them an invoice and move onto the next stage. All this is doing is getting everything into the record so that if either the client or you default on the project, the laywers will know which way to point the red pens. The caution of this method for the producer is; stick to your deadlines and get any extentions of deadlines approved in a timely manner.

      Most clients prefer the pay-as-you-go method as it is easier to contend with smaller payments than one big ‘wet bite out their budget’s backside!’

      Concerning clients; follow your instincts, not your excitement. Unless you are born clueless (bless your heart if your are), when you listen to your prospective client they will tell you everything you need to know during your first official discussion of the potential project. If for any reason you ‘get a bad feeling’ or incur doubts about said client, don’t take the job. Yeah, they might have been legit but something would have popped up that would have caused you problems. There will be other clients.

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      I take a 1/3 deposit at the contract signing.

      I require the balance to be paid prior to the start of filming.

      So far it’s worked for me.

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