Getting HDV footage and DV footage to be the same size.

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      I have footage from the same event on two different formats. One cam was DV, and the other was HDV. Can anyone tell me how to get the DV footage the same resolution or size as the HDV footage. When I export and in the preview it’s a much smaller window. I know I can upconvert DV footage, but I’m not sure on how to do it.

      Would this be the answer to my problem, and how do I upcovert the footage? I’m exporting the footage in Mpeg 2 because that’s the only export settings that seem to work. I also would rather it be Mpeg 2 so when I encode it to divx there will be mimimal loss. File size is not a problem as it’s a 4-5 minute project.Thanks!

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      Right click the standard footage clip in the timeline and click "scale to frame size"


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