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      Is there any way to get the footage off of a dvd and into my NLE (I use Premiere Pro CS3)? It is not copyright protected it’s a friends, but I want to get that footage off of the dvd into my NLE and then onto a mini dv tape.

      Or which programs do this?

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      I would hook your camera or deck to the DVD player. Press play on the DVD player and record to miniDV tape. Then capture the miniDV tape.

      You can also download handbrake. it allows you to rip the DVDs. It takes long though.

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      I know there should be editing software that will extract from a DVD, but I don’t know what it is. I have handled this 2 different ways.

      1. I have some software called DVDfab that will copy, extract, convert any DVD to an Mpeg file, IPOD format, PSP, etc. That is one way to extract.

      2. Another, rather low tech and easy way is to play the disk in a DVD player and run RCA cables out to your camcorder, record on the camcorder while the DVD is playing, and then capture from your camcorder back into your PC. I know there should be some loss with this, but I can’t really detect it.

      I hope someone has a better answer for you, because I’m curious as well.

      Good Luck,


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      Hey Rob,

      It looks like we posted the same idea at the same time! Cool!

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      Two other options are:

      Streamclip 1.1 from (you’ll need to buy the $20 mpg encoder for Quicktime)


      AVS media converter – $40

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