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      Does anyone know about the quality of Vidster?

      Otherwise, what is a good camera for my eight year old, durable and good enough to make at least 15 minute movies in color.

      Ellen πŸ˜•

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      Just from what I saw in the Ebay ad, the camera doesn’t look like it would make a 15 minute movie. At least not a decent quality one. It only has a 32MB internal card, and records in 320×240 at 15FPS, literally half that of a real camcorder.

      I know a few 8 year olds. They can be pretty responsible at times. Your best bet might just be to buy him or her a used camcorder, and give them the responsibility of treating it well. Who knows? Giving a "real movie camera" to someone at such a young age might lead to them becoming the next Steven Spielberg. Stranger things have happened.

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      You might consider the cheap Flip Video camera. It is a flash memory based solid-state unit that is fairly rugged. At about $100, it is not a big deal if it doesn’t survive long term.

      If your eight year old is fairly responsible, I too would go used. A feature-laden Digital8 camera could probably be had for about the same amount as a Flip camera. Personally, I would tend to buy locally through for used electronics so that I could check out the camera well before buying it.

      Good luck,

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      I agree. Craigslist is an amazing site for finding decent stuff at a good price. I tend to avoid buying video cameras from ebay, as you never really know if they’re going to work or not. If the owner of the camera will let you come and test the camera before you pay for it, that could be a good sign that he’s on the level however.

      And like you said, the price of a relatively fair used consumer camera is going to be about the same as a super basic, new kidproof video camera, so why not get them something they’ll grow into, instead of out of?

      Of course, as soon as you give them a camera, your life will be filled with questions like "Mom, can I have a new pack of tapes?", "Mom, can I have a new high capacity camcorder battery?", and of course "Mom, I can I have a Glidecam 2000 Pro and the ProAm DVC250 Jib rig?" X-D

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      I think I recently heard something like, "Dad, when can I get a new 24" iMac with Final Cut on it?"

      I was so proud! πŸ™‚

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      Those kids. They just grow up so fast.

      Hey, wait a second. When do I get a 24" iMac with Final Cut on it?!??!


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      Just looked at the Disney FLIX video cam (64 MB expandable 2GB w/SD card)

      Poloroid pixie (1.3 meg pix)

      ANyone heard of these? I just don’t wanna spend more than 100$.


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      Personally, I would not recomend getting that camera. I have some experience in purchasing those All-In-One cameras.

      I recommended one to my parents from Aiptek. Granted their cams are to bad, the on going problems I have seen from Aiptek’s camera, as well as Cannon, and JVC whom both have an All-In-One cam is…

      The Audio never syncs up right. Among other issues that are less intrusive. But the sound is rediculously off.

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