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Get Mini DV tape to view on computer w/o camcorder

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    I use a Canon XH-A1 to videotape barrel races and need to make it where contestants can view their race from earlier in the day. My problem is that I only have one camera and I’m still using it to film other races that continue throughout the day. I typically have my laptop so I can hook up a different camera to it that uses mini DV tapes but don’t want to spend much money. Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent camcorder that uses mini DV tapes I can purchase for this purpose? I saw some tape decks but they were out of my market.

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    I use a canon HV20 with my xha1. See if you can find good used Canon HV20, 30 or 40.

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    ssmalley, there was a recent posting on this forum thatshould give you an answer toyour inquiry:

    Why there are no MINIDV type players??

    There was a lot of information sharedthat should help you.

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    ebay > minidv

    and find the cheapest

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    Thanks a bunch

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