Get another DSLR or buy a camcorder?

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      Hey all,

      I have a Canon t1i, and I want to get into shooting video for the place I work. I’d be doing interviews, conferences, etc. I’m trying to decide to get another Canon (maybe the t3i), or get a dedicated camcorder. My budget is about $600 and I’d buy used if I had to.

      The few things I’m concerned about with using a DSLR for video are:

      -length of video file (I think it’s only 4gbs per video)

      -sensor size (couldn’t tell if the sensors in DSLR’s are better than the sensors in prosumer camcorders)

      – Megapixels (I know I’ll be shooting in low light, and I’ve learned that the more megapixels the harder it is to shoot in low light)

      -Focus ability (I know my t1i is a tad cumbersome to try to focus using the * button, and doing so manually can be hard as well since you can’t really tell on a 3 inch screen if what you want it truly in focus)

      So these are my hesitations, I’m curious if others use any Canon DSLR regularly for shooting video and what their experiences have been pertaining to my points/concerns above, or anything else relevant. Thanks all!

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      I should add that I need to buy one or the other as the audio on the t1i isn’t great (for my needs) nor does it have an audio input. So either way, I’m buying a camcorder… or a DSLR.

      Any thoughts for me?

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