Genlockable DVD player/ basic capture card

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      DVD Player:

      I can’t seem to find a DVD player with blackbust in and adjustable horizontal and subcarrier timing for connection to our production switcher. The pioneer 8000 is the closest I could find but no adjustments and it only syncs while playing DVD video. I’d like one that has production switcher stable output playing all formats and file types. Several of the broadcasters we work with, including our local PBS station use DVD to air. Is everybody just using frame syncs?

      Capture card:

      Need something to replace a Targa+64. I need composite video and genlock in,video and key out. Ability to display anything copied to the shared XP clipboard. Directshow compatible would be nice. Is there a card under the 5000.00 and up price range? I would like to use 32 bit images with alpha channel to key thru our switcher.

      Thanks much for any info!

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