Generic Replacement Batteries vs. Factory Brand

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      Anyone have experiences (good or bad) using generic replacement batteries? A larger capacity (3hr) JVC brand battery for my new camcorder is $90 at BestBuy, but I found a generic model for $29 on ebay.

      What do you think?

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      I own both the Canon and knock-off brands of the 5 hour battery for the GL2. I use the Canon battery for my GL2 and the knock-off brand for my Canon video light. Once I was running low on battery and was forced to put the knock-off brand on my GL2. Worked fine, but I would never do it again, because I don’t trust a knock-off on my GL2.

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      I use a generic battery on my new Panasonic AG-DVC30. It was not the cheapest available but it was considerably less than the $178 price tag for a Panasonic battery. It has an unlimited one year warranty and I have had no problems with it.

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      I use generic replacement batteries for both my camcorders. No problem.

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