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      Thanks to advice from this group, I now have a Sony DCR VX-2100, Sony LCH-FXA hardcase and Bogen 745B w 503 Head. I also got the Bogen 560B but when I tried to use it at a basketball game, it sucked big time. I hope to be able to use it in it future but I would not recommend it for anything other than sweeping a panorama. The tripod works well if you use the hardcase in a lower row of the bleachers to support the third leg.

      I received the camera just before Christmas and it has been a long journey. Please remember that I have no one to fall back on but this group.

      I am learning from my mistakes but is there a book with hints and/or guidelines on operating the camera. If so, this is a pub I could use.

      For instance, I need to know if I should be using the filter inside or only outside to protect the lens? I close the doors on the hood when I am not filming but what else should I be doing.

      I have found that if I control the tripod head with my left hand, I can better operate the camera with my right hand. But it took me several games before I figured this out.

      Filiming the action, I have only been able to use the auto focus. Is anyone able to use manual focus for action and if so how?

      When Compusolver finishes his Wedding instructional series, a good operational manual for the VX2100 would be nice. But reading this group, most have experience with videos, whereas I am a complete dunce.

      I will soon be ordering the Azden WMS-PRO for some grade school auditorium events videoing. Is there anything else I need to be cautious of when using this. And what is the adapter that is referred to since the mic is mono.

      I am using this only for personal use and I won’t recover any funds so I do need to be cautious with my equipment. This camera and videoing (and future computer and editing equipment) is now the substitute for my motorcycle, poker nights and beer habits. And that new car is far, far in the future.

      TIA for any help.


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      Always, always, always keep the UV filter on the lens. It protects the lens from scratches. A scratched filter can be replaced for $10 or $20. But the lens…. replacing the front element of the lens would be very expensive and time comsuming.

      And if you need to clean dust off the filter, that’s a lot better than cleaning the lens. Several lens cleanings over the life of the camcorder could wear away part of the anti-reflection coating.

      BTW, I’m assuming the filter is completely clear, or is a UV filter (has a very faint yellow tint). Such a filter takes away only a very tiny amount of visible light. It shouldn’t affect the exposure.

      I wonder if a monopod would work better for a basketball game. Not sure, but might be worth a try.

      My 3 cents worth πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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      Well, I didn’t make it to Nam. As a matter of fact, my free ticket on the big flat top was finished approximately 8 years and 2 months prior to the big fire (and near extinction of John McCain). Glad I was gone prior to the fire as my General Quarters station required me to exit to the flight deck and go back to another door to the deck where the hand held CCA radar operator stood. My job was to maintain the CCA radar so I spent many an hour there watching the birds fly out and back in. I also maintained one of the antennas at the very top of the mast and spent several hours at the very top.

      As to the filter, it has not created a problem yet but I will now know to look at quality. With the new ‘No Smoking’ law in OH, I should not be bothered with cleaning the nicotene from the lens. So far, just to remember to restart the camera when I put it in standby, is a lot for me. I have stopped recording at a lengthy timeout and forgot to restart. Didn’t know it until the camera timed out and turned it self off. My face was RED! I will use the filter on all outdoor activities.

      And — I read the book more and will try to capture a picture from tape and also see what I get by capturing from from one of the DVDs. But I don’t expect good enough quality from the DVD.

      I am slowly learning.

      Please keep shooting the advice. Just don’t expect me to take it all in at once.


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