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      I had a VX1000, and a VX2000. I loved these cameras and I did a lot of work with them and they certainly earned their keep. Ok, the new boy is the FX1000. i bought two of them. I’m not saying I regret it but I do have some issues. The audio is not as good as its predecessors. I use an external audio mixer and a field recorder but I’m still pissed. The older cameras would take line in – not so on the FX1000. I have to have a mixer that can attenuate the signal, thank you very much. Can I leave the on camera mics on auto? No way! Anytime you use auto, of course the gain picks up when there is silence, but this is ridiculous. These cameras jack it up so high it creates noise so high it is unusable. I believe that if you want good video you have to control it outside the camera but hell we should get better audio from the cameras. The cameras are good in the video although they don’t do 1080p. The low light performance is excellent. You can actually jump up the gain and use the material. Jump it to +9db is perfectly useable. I’ve never used a videocamera where you can jack up the gain and actually use the footage for more than just a novelty. Gerry in Calgary

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      Grinner Hester

      are you really griping about an old vx1000? Good lord, man, it’s as easy as stepping out of the 90s.

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      Of course I’m not griping about a VX1000, I’m griping about the FX1000! Gerry

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      I don’t know what you mean about the audio for the FX1000 being poor. The omni-directional microphone that it comes with is fine considering it is what it is, and the 1/8th in jack works fine. I use a BeachTek adapter with two XLR inputs and I have no noise problems when I plug in my boom mic. I have noise problems with my wireless mic, but that’s because it’s wireless.

      I do have a problem occasionally with several frames in a row being frozen while recording on the FX1000’s. Very frustrating – however it happens rarely, like once every 10 hours of recording time. I guess it’s a good idea to always do 2-camera shoots…

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