FX1 vs. FX 7

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      Any opinions? What are the main differences?

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      Wow, 5 months and no response? I too am looking at both of these cameras. From what I have read, the FX1 seems to be an excellent camera (except no XLR’s onboard). πŸ™ I have heard on camcorderinfo that “The FX7s ClearVID CMOS sensors make a great impression in bright light, but under low light conditions the performance falls to pieces.”

      The FX1 tends to get better reviews. I’m still deciding as well. Due to excellent features and excellent used price, I’m most likely going with the FX1

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      I have owned the FX1 for a while now and absolutely love it. I shoot in all kinds of situations – indoor, outdoor, lowlight and it works fine. It does not have XLR inputs as mentioned above. The HDV quality is great. I looked at the FX7 as a second camera, but decided to go with the A1U which will be ordered next week.

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      We’ve used both the FX7 and the FX1. Don’t think of them as very similar camcorders at all. The FX7 is more consumer-ish than the FX1. Both deliver stunning images, but the FX1 has more of a professional feel with a lot more controls on the outside of the camcorder. FX7 has many of the controls in the menu system, specifically the manual audio controls.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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