Fuzzy video when capturing in WinXP Home Ed.

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      First, let me say that I began capturing and editing video in Win98, with cheap editing software, on a Celeron 650 MHz laptop with maybe 300 Mb RAM–with no problem.

      I now have a pre-assembled Dell with 2.3 Ghz Intel processor and about 600+ Mb RAM, running WinXP. I recently installed a dedicated 80 Gb hard drive for editing only. I can do all my video tasks on this computer with no problem–except CAPTURE. When I try to capture, it goes fine for about one minute, then the video gets weird. Fuzzy, garbled, like a cable channel that you don’t have access to … that’s how I would decribe it. This first happened in my trusty Pinnacle Studio 7.15. To be sure it wasn’t the software, I tried on Windows MovieMaker … same problem. I later had to re-format the hard drive and re-load everything and now when I try to capture, I get a blank Preview screen and nothing gets captured. I have upgraded to Adobe Premiere Pro so it’s not the software. Furthermore, I can still capture just fine using the laptop described above. The only problem there is that I updraded its OS from Win98 to WinXP and now every capture includes at least 10 dropped frames–something I never experienced in Win98.

      OK, enough babbling. Obviously WinXP has something to do with this (as evidenced by the predictable dropped frames), but not everything. I am wondering whether it is the capture card (plain old undecorated fireware card) or the video/capture drivers or something else related to this Dell system.

      Any suggestions? Please don’t suggest that I upgrade to some fancy capture card like Canopus because I SHOULD be able to use this simple firewire card–like I did in the laptop.

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      I don’t have any poblems using the Dell right out of the box I an still using Movie Maker & Sonic DVD. I attach my JVC digital Video camera with a firewire cable.
      Maybe the cable is bad or the contacts are dirty.
      RadioShack has contact cleaner.

      Good Luck

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      To be more specific, the Dell in question is a Dimension 2400. It did not come with a firewire card so I installed one. The card works fine for other applications, like external CD burner, so it’s definitely not the contacts on the card. Also, I can capture just fine on the laptop, so it’s not the cable itself or the cable contacts.

      What I usually do is capture onto the laptop, then transfer the AVI to the Dell for editing because it has more space. So, the ONLY problem is capturing. Anyone else have any suggestions?

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      … just pondering… might be that Windows XP Home Edition handles resources unappropriately? This should be bad news, as I’ve just bought this OS and haven’t installed it yet, but when I do, I wouldn’t like to experience the same sort of problem…
      Please post a reply if you found a solution to this issue.

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      It is NOT a Win XP issue. I’m running Win XP Home and I have never had a capture problem.

      It could be something interacting strangely with Win XP, perhaps the firewire card driver, or something. Hard to say. But I can tell you that Win XP in itself is not the culprit.

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